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January 2007

Below are photographs of a female Painted Bunting - a rarity in Maine.  Taken January 21, 2007 at a feeder in Waldoboro.  She's been coming for a couple of months, and seems to like hanging out with the American Tree Sparrows.  In this photo it seems she doesn't want to share the feeder with her buddies, though!  I have her on video as well.   

More photos from this backyard:

Tufted Titmouse and Mourning Dove

Purple Sandpiper, Rockland Breakwater, January 7, 2007                                      

Downy Woodpecker Female January 9, 2007                                                Male Downy Woodpecker 2006

Male Downy Woodpecker on Silver Maple - 2006                                                                   

Woodchuck under the bird feeder, Summer 2005 - he lived under the slab of my house that year - from videotape

A set of 7 shots from my videotape of young blue jays bathing Summer 2005, plus a photo of a blue jay last winter under the feeder

This winter 2006 chickadee had a brownish-gray cap (the photo doesn't show it well)  Sir and Lady Cardinal in my trees last May

Woodcock - rarely seen in broad daylight like this - probed in the back yard Spring 2006 for underground vittles -  Blue Jay January 15, 2007

Wild turkey tom strutting for his girls - May 2006, Waldoboro, Maine                                        

This one in flight was at Noreen O'Brien's house, Warren, Maine 
                   Dark-eyed (slate-colored) Juncos during snowfall, January 15, 2007, Waldoboro, Maine - Nikon D80

Both pix of this downy female were taken Jan. 16, 2007 - Nikon D80    The male cardinal was taken the day before during the snowfall.
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