BirdPage by Cindy McIntyre, Waldoboro, Maine 
Monk Parakeets - March 2008

Monk Parakeets are escaped exotics that breed successfully in Southern Florida.  They occupy the niche that the extinct but native Carolina Parakeet did.  They love birdseed, and you always know when they're around by their loud squawks.

On March 10 in Boynton Beach they were building communal nests on very tall transmission towers.  Osprey nests were on the outside bottom of two of these towers, and the monks were bringing long twigs to their nests under the black peaked "roofs" on the towers.  They prefer greenery, apparently, and this one was breaking off supple twigs from a deciduous tree.

They carry these long twigs and greenery up, up, up where they won't be bothered by predators.

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