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Most of the bird photos in this website are taken in my yard; however I do travel and photograph birds wherever I find them.  Most are taken with the Nikon D80 digital camera with 18-135mm lens (equivalent of 200mm when using a 35mm film camera.) Many were taken in rain or snowstorms, and most through the windows of my house.   To see my other photography, including Family and Pet Portraits, and Fine Art, see  The latest images are posted here, with links to previous pages - which are definitely worth viewing to see ospreys, a sharp-shinned hawk at a kill, and a woodcock.
January 2008

The new year arrived with a first for me - a single pine grosbeak!  It's huge compared to the tree sparrow and junco in the last photo.

January 3 in Warren - seven female common mergansers and a striking bald eagle

December 2007

Christmas Day - 3 Rusty Blackbirds and a Turkey in Vulture Pose (to the tune of a Partridge in a Pear Tree...)


This female Baltimore Oriole decided she likes the winters in Maine - photographed Dec. 3 during our first snowstorm of the season, and the day after.  She prefers the Premium Blend with dried fruits, pistachios and other nuts, and sunflower seeds.  She was still here Dec. 9.


Darling little Common Redpolls visited the feeder the day before the storm


It was still snowing on Dec. 4 when the Blue Jays spied the seeds in the old mailbox


  Pine Siskin

My kitty loves to watch the birds, too. 

A flock of handsome Evening Grosbeaks stopped by in November.  A Golden-Crowned Kinglet was busy preparing for winter.

Ruby-Crowned Kinglets at Audubon's Gilsland Farm in Falmouth, Maine - and a Red-Tailed Hawk

Also at Gilsland:  Swamp Sparrow and Harrier

Bald Eagles at Cape Jellison (Stockton Springs) and Jonesport.  Greater Yellowlegs at Addison Marsh in October

Semipalmated Plovers, also at Addison Marsh.... Red-Breasted Nuthatch at the Teapot Feeder, and another Pine Siskin eating thistle seeds

These guys were on Monhegan Island the first week of October:  Blue-Headed Vireo, Nashville Warbler, and imported Ring-Necked Pheasants

Female Dickcissel was a first sighting for me, as were the many migrating Northern Gannets - also at Monhegan, as was this aberrant Wubber Ducky.

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